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Buy or Sell Real Estate With ConfidenceResidential & Commercial Real Estate Law

Buy or Sell Real Estate With Confidence
Residential & Commercial Real Estate Law

Retain an experienced real estate attorney in Waterbury, CT

Investing in real estate involves careful consideration, and going through the necessary contracts and paperwork can be exhausting. An experienced real estate attorney can help. Gina M. Petrokaitis Attorney At Law focuses on residential and commercial real estate law in Waterbury, CT. Call Attorney Petrokaitis now to make an appointment.

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Don't make any decisions about real estate investing in the Waterbury, CT area without a qualified real estate attorney by your side. Call attorney Petrokaitis before you:

  • Buy or sell residential property
  • Buy or sell commercial property
  • Lease property
  • Refinance your home

Attorney Petrokaitis will sit down with you to go over the details before you buy or sell property. If you need help drafting a lease agreement or settling a landlord-tenant dispute, count on attorney Petrokaitis to provide effective legal counsel.

Call now to schedule a consultation with a real estate attorney in Waterbury, Connecticut.